Adabas Utilities

This manual describes the Adabas utilities. The database administrator (DBA) uses the Adabas utilities to create and maintain Adabas databases. For each utility, the following information is provided:

  • a description of the purpose of the utility;

  • a functional overview of the utility;

  • a description of the utility's control parameters;

  • examples to illustrate the use of the utility, where appropriate.

This manual is intended principally for the DBA. Certain Adabas utilities contain functionality for modifying or deleting existing database information, so caution is advised when these utilities are used. Some utilities, such as ADAREP, provide status information only, and can be used freely by the end user.

The Adabas utilities also contain some undocumented features that can be invoked using syntax that is not documented (this also includes the FDT syntax as described in the Administration documentation). Software AG strongly recommends that you do not use such undocumented features; there is no guarantee that undocumented features will work correctly and that they will not have negative side effects on the general behaviour of Adabas.

The Overview provides a summary of the utilities available and their purpose.

The subsequent documents describe the individual utilities in detail, with one utility per document.

Appendix A contains a description of the demo utility input files provided with the Adabas kit.

Appendix B contains a description of the example program prilogc, which is used for printing a command log that is created with the nucleus parameter CLOGLAYOUT set to 6.

Appendix C contains information about the checkpoints written by the Adabas utilities.