Version 9.8

Using this Documentation

This document describes the features of the Software AG documentation that make it easy for you to navigate to the page you need, to search for keywords, and to print out relevant parts.

Navigating through the Documentation

Navigation Bar

At the top and bottom of most pages you will find a navigation bar that helps you to navigate through the documentation. The navigation bar contains some or all of the following links:


Choosing PREV on the first page of a documentation module takes you up one level in the documentation hierarchy.

Choosing NEXT on the last page of a documentation module takes you back to the first page of the same module.

Navigator Facility

The navigator facility is a Java applet that runs in a separate window. Invoke it by choosing either INDEX or CONTENTS from the navigation bar on the HTML page.

The navigator software is supplied by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd.

Once the navigation applet is started, you can switch between the tree view (Contents) and the Index (if present) by selecting the appropriate tab, as illustrated in the figure below.


Keyboard Shortcuts

When the Contents tab is selected, the navigation applet offers the following keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard Shortcut Description
ENTER Display the selected page.
UP-ARROW Move selection up.
DOWN-ARROW Move selection down.
SHIFT+UP-ARROW Select the previous main branch; if possible, expand it.
SHIFT+DOWN-ARROW Select the next main branch; if possible, expand it.
LEFT-ARROW Collapse branch, or move selection left.
RIGHT-ARROW Expand branch, or move selection right.
HOME Select first item.
END Select last visible item.
PAGE-DOWN Move selection down one window.
PAGE-UP Move selection up one window.
* Expand all lower branches.
+ Expand selected branch.
- Collapse selected branch.
A to Z Select the next visible item that begins with the specified letter.

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Searching this Documentation

Use the link SEARCH from the navigation bar to open the Full Text Search page.

The Full Text Search software is supplied by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd.

You can get brief hints about using the Findinsite-CD Full Text Search by choosing the Help button on the Full Text Search page.

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Printing this Documentation

This user documentation is also available in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) for convenient, high-quality printing. If you wish to use the PDF files, you must have appropriate PDF viewing software installed on your computer, for example, Adobe Reader.

If Adobe Reader is not already installed on your PC, you can download it from

If PDF PAGE appears in the navigation bar at the top or bottom of a page, choosing it opens the corresponding PDF file in the PDF viewer.

If you choose PDF BOOKS in the navigation bar at the top or bottom of a page, a list of available PDF books is displayed. A PDF book contains the entire contents of the current documentation module, including a title page and a table of contents – just like a regular book. Choose the required link from the list to open the corresponding PDF book in the PDF viewer. You can print either the entire book or just selected pages as required.

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Problems with Blocked Content

Software AG documentation uses active content (JavaScript and Java applets). With Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP, Microsoft introduced a range of powerful new security features. One effect of these security features is that warning messages appear whenever you try to display HTML pages that use active content, for example Software AG documentation, in the Internet Explorer. A typical warning message that appears in the Internet Explorer information bar is:

To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options...

To continue using the documentation, you can do one of the following:

Start of instruction setTo unblock active content

In the Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Choose Tools> Internet Options.

  2. Choose the tab Advanced.

  3. Scroll down to the section Security.

  4. Check (tick) the box Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.

  5. Choose OK.

  6. Restart the Internet Explorer.

The warning messages should now no longer appear.

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