EntireX Version 9.7

EntireX and your webMethods Integration Server Applications

The EntireX documentation contains the following topics related to Integration Server:

Connecting Integration Server

Common integration scenarios: Calling your Integration Server service from a COBOL or Natural application; calling a COBOL server program or a Natural server subprogram from the Integration Server Adapter Service. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

Integration Server Wrapper

The webMethods Integration Server Wrapper generates Integration Server adapter services and listeners from a Software AG IDL file within an Integration Server connection definition. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

IDL Extractor for Integration Server

The Software AG IDL Extractor for webMethods Integration Server is a wizard that reads a package from the Integration Server and generates a Software AG IDL file from all the existing services and nodes. Each service results in a program in the IDL file. All parameters of the services are mapped to an IDL alphanumeric data type, available as variable (AV) or fixed (An) length. From EntireX Adapter 9.7, mapping is described in this product's documentation. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

Adapter Services Wrapper for Natural

The Adapter Services Wrapper for Natural enables webMethods Integration Server to call Natural subprograms. The interface of the Natural subprograms is extracted and connections and adapter services are generated in Integration Server. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

See also EntireX Workbench.

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