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Software AG IDL Editor

Software AG IDL (Interface Definition Language) is a language that lets a program or object (the client) written in one language communicate with another program written in another language (the server). An interface definition language works by requiring a program's interfaces to be described in an interface object or slight extension of the program that is compiled into it.

Software AG IDL is used to define an interface between the client and the server. These definitions are contained in a Software AG IDL file. IDL compilers read IDL files and generate interface objects or descriptions from the definitions they contain.

The Software AG IDL Editor is a syntax-aware editor for Software AG IDL files. A content outline view enables operations on the IDL tree. Other features include syntax highlighting, content assist and a Problems view for resolving IDL syntax errors.

Introduction This document gives an introduction and overview of features of the IDL Editor.
Using the IDL Editor This document describes the usage of the IDL Editor; starting the editor; views and context menu.
IDL File This document contains a descriptive introduction to IDL data files; IDL data types; rules for coding IDL files.
IDL Grammar This document explains the syntax of IDL files in a formal notation.
IDL Compiler Starting the IDL Compiler; usage examples; writing your own wrappers and stubs.
Template Files Writing your own template files for Software AG IDL Compiler.
Grammar for IDL Template Files Grammar for IDL template files.

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