EntireX Version 9.7

EntireX and your COBOL Applications

The EntireX documentation contains the following COBOL-related topics:

Connecting COBOL

Common integration scenarios: Calling your COBOL server programs from the Integration Server Adapter Service or a Web service client; calling an Integration Server Service or a Web service from a COBOL application. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

COBOL Wrapper

EntireX COBOL Wrapper provides access to RPC-based components from COBOL applications. It enables you to develop both client and server applications. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

IDL Extractor for COBOL

The Software AG IDL Extractor for COBOL enables you to extract the interface of a COBOL server and transforms it into a Software AG IDL and a Software AG server mapping file. Both files are required to provide access for any RPC client to the COBOL server. graphics/toc_closed.png More info


EntireX Broker ACI Programming from the perspective of progamming language COBOL. A copybook with the ACI control block definition is provided. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

RPC-ACI Bridge

The RPC-ACI Bridge enables RPC-based client applications to be used with ACI servers. graphics/toc_closed.png More info

See also EntireX Workbench.

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