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Concepts and Facilities of EntireX Broker

EntireX Broker is a middleware infrastructure that allows application components in a distributed processing environment to communicate with each other. EntireX Broker provides access through two communication models - client and server and publish and subscribe - which the JMS specification designates as messaging domains. Message queues are employed to provide verifiable delivery of message data in asynchronous communication.

Additionally, EntireX Broker allows each application component to use a different programming interface. As a result, your application components can achieve highly flexible interoperability in a loosely coupled way. EntireX Broker can be used where your application components are located on distributed machines and where different operating systems and TP monitors are used on each machine.

Concept of Interoperability Introduces the basic concept of EntireX Broker: achieving highly flexible interoperability of distributed application components.
Common Use Cases Provides specific examples of how your organization can achieve flexible interoperability in a distributed processing environment.
General Architecture of EntireX Broker Describes the components and transport mechanisms of EntireX Broker within the context of EntireX.
Functionality of EntireX Broker Provides a brief overview of the functionality provided by EntireX Broker.
Broker Quick Reference Quick Reference to Broker features and functions.

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