EntireX Version 9.7
 —  Administration under Windows  —

Broker Administration using System Management Hub

EntireX brokers can be administered using Software AG's System Management Hub. The System Management Hub (SMH) is Software AG's cross-product and cross-platform product management framework. This document assumes that you are familiar with the System Management Hub software. The basic concepts of this product, its installation and System Management Hub features common to all Software AG products are described in the separate System Management Hub documentation.

This document is arranged under the following topics:

Managing the List of Brokers
Configuring a Single Broker
Using the Broker Information Service
Using the Broker Command Service

The Web interface is the main user interface of the System Management Hub. Two additional interfaces are available for SMH: the SNMP interface and the Batch interfaces. See System Management Hub for EntireX for how to administer a broker using these interfaces.

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