Version 9.6
 —  Software AG IDL Extractor for XML Schema  —

XML Schema to IDL Mapping

Extracting IDL from XML Schema

The IDL Extractor for XML Schema interprets the first root definition as the root element of the document. Optionally, you can enter a second XML Schema file for the OUT direction (the first one will be used as the IN direction instead of the IN-OUT direction). For the parameter mapping see table XML Schema Parameter Mapping below. The XML mapping and IDL parameter directions are IN (Request) and OUT (Response), no Fault mapping trees will be created, see XML Schema Parser Standards Conformance.

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XML Schema Parameter Mapping

WSDL / XML Schema XMM Software AG IDL
binary, base64Binary binary BV (or BVn or Bn(3)
hexBinary (1) binary BV (or BVn or Bn(3)
boolean boolean L
date date:yyyy-MM-dd (2) D
float float F4
double float F8
byte, unsignedByte integer I1
short, unsignedShort integer I2
int, unsignedInt integer I4
integer, positiveInteger, nonPositiveInteger, negativeInteger, nonNegativeInteger number N29.0
decimal, number number N22.7
long, unsignedLong number N19.0
time dateTime:HH:mm:ss (2) T
dateTime dateTime:yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss (2) T
gYearMonth string A8
gDay, gYear string A11
gMonth string A12
gMonthDay string A13
string (and all types not listed here) string AV (or AVn or An(3)


  1. The hexBinary format is not supported by the XML/SOAP Runtime.
  2. Edit the date and dateTime patterns manually to match the formats of the original documents.

    Example: <myTime xsi:type="xsd:date">11:08:23+01:00</myTime> --> dateTime:HH:mm:ss' +01:00 ' --> T

    The +01:00 is not supported by IDL (EntireX RPC protocol).

  3. Mapped according to specified transformation rules. See Step 5: Specify Options for Target Programming Language.

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Extracting the Name for the IDL Library

The IDL library name (see library-definition under Software AG IDL Grammar) will be extracted from the source file name of the XML Schema (SOAP document).

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Extracting the Name for the IDL Program

The IDL program name (see program-definition under Software AG IDL Grammar) will be extracted from each <xsd:element> (xmlns:xsd="") level-one definition. Multiple IDL programs are possible.

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