Version 9.6
 —  Software AG IDL Extractor for WSDL  —

Using the IDL Extractor for WSDL in Command-line Mode

See Using the EntireX Workbench in Command-line Mode for the general command-line syntax. The table below shows the command-line option for the IDL Extractor for WSDL.

Task Command Option Description
Extract an IDL file and an XMM file from a Web service. -extract:wsdl -help Display this usage message.
-project Name of the project or subfolder where the IDL and XMM files are stored.


<workbench> -extract:wsdl /Demo/example.wsdl

where <workbench> is a placeholder for the actual Workbench starter as described under Using the EntireX Workbench in Command-line Mode.

Status and processing messages are written to standard output (stdout), which is normally set to the executing shell window.

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