Version 9.6
 —  EntireX Natural Wrapper  —

Introduction to the Natural Wrapper

The Natural Wrapper is part of the EntireX Workbench in Software AG Designer. It supports users to develop Natural client applications that access RPC-based server components and to create Natural RPC server skeletons which you can use as a basis for writing Natural RPC servers that can be accessed by RPC clients.

The Natural Wrapper starts with a Software AG IDL file that describes the interfaces of the RPC server or RPC client components. During wrapping the IDL program names are mapped to suitable Natural names, which you can customize. This means that IDL program and IDL library names can be longer than eight characters and can even contain characters not allowed in Natural names.

For Natural client applications it generates the following:

For Natural server applications it generates the following:

You need a Natural RPC environment - a Natural RPC server attached to an EntireX broker - to generate the Natural objects listed above from the IDL file. The Natural version determines whether the generation of all Natural objects listed above is supported. See Prerequisites for more information.

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