Version 9.6
 —  Error Messages and Codes  —

EXXMSG - Command-line Tool for Displaying Error Messages

EXXMSG is a command-line tool that displays the text of an EntireX error message for a supplied error number. It is available on all platforms.

Running the EXXMSG Command-line Utility

Under z/OS, command-line utility EXXMSG is located in library EXB960.LOAD. Under UNIX and Windows, the utility is located in the EntireX bin directory.

Command-line Parameters

The only command-line parameter is any 8-digit error code.

Sample Command

exxmsg 02150148

Sample Output

Software AG webMethods EntireX 9.0.0 (473) Linux 3.1.10-1.16-desktop
(c) Copyright 1997 - 2012 Software AG. All rights reserved.

02150148    EntireX Broker not active : (or Transport-Specific Error Text)
Explanation The requested Broker specified in BROKER-ID is not reachable.
Action      Check the BROKER-ID. If it is correct, check if ETB_TRANSPORT
            environment variable is defined and if defined, it should point to
            the desired transport method. If problem persists, contact your
            network administrator.

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