Version 9.6
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Message Class 0007 - EntireX ACI - Service not Registered

This page describes messages with message class 0007. The messages have the format:


where 0007 is the message class, and
nnnn is the message number in the range 0000 - 9999.

This message class is returned if no server is available offering the desired service. Servers providing the requested service have either not been started, stopped, timed out or cancelled. This situation is possible only in client programs and occurs when all active servers have deregistered their services with the DEREGISTER operation using the option QUIESCE.

This document covers the following topics:

Overview of Messages

00070007 | 00070483 | 00070493

00070007 Service Not Registered

The requested service is not available. This response is returned when:

  1. A user tried to initiate a communication (SEND with CONV-ID=NEW) with a service currently not available. All servers providing the requested service have not been started or have been stopped, timed out or cancelled. The response is also returned when the server issues a DEREGISTER with OPTION QUIESCE.

  2. In response to a DEREGISTER/RECEIVE call: the user has not registered the service.

  3. In response to an EOC call with CONV-ID=ANY: the given service could not be found.


For situation 1, start an appropriate server process. For situations 2 or 3, register the service or ensure that the service has been registered correctly.

For ACI version 9 and above, the error text associated with error number 00070007 will include the service name in the text. SC=class SN=server SV=service not registered.

00070483 Participant not subscribed to this topic

Participant did not subscribe to the topic that has been specified in the current request.


Issue subscribe and repeat request again

00070493 No subscriber for topic

The requested topic is not available. No one has subscribed to this particular topic yet. Therefore, this publication cannot be received by anyone. Subscribers receive only those publications that were created after their subscription.


No action.

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