Version 9.6

EntireX Java Wrapper for Natural

The EntireX Java Wrapper for Natural allows you to generate EntireX Java client interface objects from Natural subprograms in a NaturalONE project in Eclipse. The generated Java client interface objects can be used by Java application developers to access Natural server components, using EntireX/Natural RPC.

This document covers the following topics:

../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Using Step-by-step guide on how to use the Java Wrapper for Natural.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Command-line Mode Using the Java Wrapper for Natural in command-line mode.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Natural to Java Mapping Mapping of Natural data types to Java data types.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Writing Applications A simple Java client application that uses a method of the Java interface object generated using the Java Wrapper for Natural.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Examples Describes the delivered sample programs.

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