Version 9.6
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License Concept for webMethods EntireX

License Key Checks

EntireX on all applicable platforms must have a valid license key. If the license key does not match for a component, the component cannot be used. The license is checked during installation and when the component is started.

For EntireX Broker, the license file is checked once daily. If the license file is due to expire in the next 30 days, a warning is issued. This is written to the log file.

The documentation delivered with this product covers all components of EntireX on all platforms, including those for which you may not have a valid license. The inclusion of a component or feature in this documentation does not imply that this component/feature is available for your installed version of the product.

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License Key for z/OS received by E-Mail

Normally the EntireX license key is delivered directly on the installation medium as file EXX960.LICS. This file contains the license information necessary to start EntireX broker. It is no longer necessary to transfer the file to the host file system.

However, if you received the EntireX license key file EXX960.LICS by e-mail or diskette, you need to transfer this file to the host file system, using FTP. You will need:

Start of instruction setTo transfer license file EXX960.LICS to your mainframe host

  1. Transfer the file EXX960.XML to the host, using FTP.

    As the target of the host, use the data set EXX960.LICS provided with the EntireX kit or allocate a new data set on z/OS with the following attributes:


    You must use binary transfer mode to transfer the file EXX960.XML to the host. This ensures that the license key remains unaltered.

    You cannot "cut and paste" the certificate using a 3270 emulator due to format incompatibilities: the mainframe is an EBCDIC system, whereas the certificate is an ASCII-formatted binary file.

  2. Ensure that the LICENSE DD card in the broker startup JCL references data set EXX960.LICS.

Example FTP Commands

open <host> 
put EXX960.xml '<hlq>.EXX960.LICS'

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License Key on UNIX and Windows

On UNIX and Windows platforms, the XML file is requested during installation and must be provided by the user performing the installation. The location of license file after installation is shown below

Operating System Default Location of License Key File
Windows <webMethods Installation Directory>\common\conf
UNIX <webMethods Installation Directory>/common/conf

For future flexibility, the location of the license file is no longer fixed. Although the location after installation is as mentioned above, the license file can moved to a different location. The new file entirex.config at a fixed location contains the path to the license file. The location of this file is shown below:

Operating System Location entirex.config
Windows <webMethods Installation Directory>\EntireX\config
UNIX <webMethods Installation Directory>/EntireX/config

File entirex.config contains an entry for the path of the license file, under Windows for example:

entirex.license.file="<webMethods Installation

If you want to change the location of the license file, adapt the entry in entirex.config accordingly.

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License Key under z/VSE

The EntireX license file EXX960.LICS is delivered on the installation medium. It is referenced in the EntireX Broker starup job control. For this purpose, you can copy the license file to a sublibrary or to a sequential disk file. See Step 2: Install the EntireX License File for detailed information.

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