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Installing EntireX under BS2000/OSD

This document describes how to install and operate the BS2000/OSD components of EntireX. It covers the following topics:

../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif General Information An overview of resourses delivered.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Installing the EntireX Broker under BS2000/OSD How to install and start the EntireX Broker under BS2000/OSD.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Installing the BS2000/OSD Batch RPC Server How to install and start the EntireX BS2000/OSD Batch RPC Server.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.gif Installing EntireX Security under BS2000/OSD Provides information required for installing EntireX Security under BS2000/OSD.

Prerequisites for all EntireX components are listed centrally. See BS2000/OSD Prerequisites.

If you want to use EntireX on BS2000/OSD together with the Eclipse-based EntireX Workbench components, you need to install the respective EntireX components under UNIX or Windows, using the Software AG Installer. See the separate Software AG Installer documentation under webMethods Product Documentation > webMethods Product Suite > Documentation by Product > System Requirements, Installation, and Upgrade on the Software AG Product Documentation website.

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