Version 9.6
 —  Software AG IDL Editor  —

Introduction to the Software AG IDL Editor

The Software AG IDL Editor is a syntax-aware editor for Software AG IDL files. A content outline view enables operations on the IDL tree. Other features include syntax highlighting, content assist and a Problems view for resolving IDL syntax errors.


The IDL Editor is used for processing IDL files (files with extension ".idl").

Start of instruction setTo start the IDL Editor

In addition to a Text view, the editor supports the following views:

Outline View

In the Outline view, the structure of the IDL file is displayed in a tree structure. The context menu of the Outline view provides a variety of commands for manipulating the structure of the IDL. See IDL Editor Outline View.

Properties View

The Properties view displays various attributes of the element selected in the Text view or Outline view. You can also edit these attributes in this view. See IDL Editor Properties View.

Problems View

The Problems view describes syntax errors in the IDL file. See IDL Editor Problems View.

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Features of the IDL Editor

Content Assist

Enables text-dependent completion when requested. Content assist offers a pop-up from which you can choose one of the suggestions.

Syntax Highlighting

Certain parts of the IDL document are displayed with a color coding:

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