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  Installation and Getting Started   Reference  
      Release Notes       Eclipse: A Brief Introduction    
      License Concept       Application & Host Properties    
      Recommended Hardware       ApplinX Entities    
        Recommended Software       ApplinX Web Application Development Guide    
        Installation       Configuring your Web Application (ApplinX Framework Configuration Editor)    
        Migrating and Upgrading ApplinX       ApplinX Log Files    
        Introduction: Solutions and Architecture       Appendixes    
        ApplinX Server       ApplinX Development API    
        ApplinX Server Administration       JavaDoc (PDF format)    
        ApplinX Designer (Software AG Designer)       JavaDoc (HTML format)    
        Creating a New Application       ApplinX IDE Plug-Ins    
        Creating an ApplinX Web Application            
        Installing ApplinX Demo Applications            
        Working with ApplinX Demo Applications            
        Self Training & Movies            

Legal Notices

    ApplinX Solutions   Designing & Developing your Application  
      SOA Enablement       Managing an Application    
      - Introduction       Configuring Hosts    
      - Screen Based       Repository Management    
      - Transaction Based (RPC)       The Session View    
      - Working with Databases       Working with Entities    
      Web Enablement       Host Keys    
      - Introduction       Host Windows    
      - HTML Emulation       Screens    
      - Instant Applications       Screen Groups    
      - Composite Applications       Application Map    
      Web Page Integration       Procedures (Path, Flow, Web, Programs)    
      Screen Process Extractor       Procedure Groups (used as Service Providers)    
              Web Services    
              Procedure Clients    
              Integration with webMethods Integration Server (IS)    
              Registering a Web Service to CentraSite    
              Data Structure    
              Database Entity    
              Connection Pool    
              Connection Information Sets    
              Business Process Analysis    
              Session Data    
              Deploying the Application    
              Registering an Application to CentraSite    
    Administration   New Features in 9.0  
      Managing the ApplinX Server       Web Page Integration    
      Current Activity       Support for IPv6    
      Defining Developers and Permissions       License Concept    
      Server Administrative API       .Net 4.0 Support    
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