Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Working with Web Services | Configuring Web Service Security | Configuring Client Authentication | Implementing Password Callback Handlers | com.softwareag.wsstack.pwcb.ConfigFilePasswordCallbackHandler
The password callback handler retrieves identifier-password pairs from a configuration file and then loads the pairs which can be used to find the needed password for a particular identifier. The configuration file must be in XML format and similar to the axis2.xml file.
You can provide a configuration file to the callback handler by specifying it in the web service archive. In the services.xml file, you add a PWCBConfigFile parameter, which is set to point to the configuration file resource on the service class path. The class path includes the service archive, the libraries which are in the service archive, the web application class path (all jar files in WEB-INF/lib and the WEB-INF/classes class folder) and so on.
<service name="Sample_Web_Service">
<parameter name="PWCBConfigFileLocation"> configuration_file_location
</parameter> ...
If you do not specify the configuration file resource, by default the callback handler searches for a resource with name users.xml in the service class path. If it is not available, a FileNotFoundException is thrown.