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Configuring the Web Services Stack Runtime
Configuring the axis2.xml File
The following table shows which files you use to configure the Web Services Stack runtime.
Use to configure
Client side and server side of all deployed web services. The axis2.xml file is a configuration file provided by the Apache Software Foundation. For more information about the Axis2 parameters in this file, see the Axis2 Configuration Guide.
Specific modules.
Specific web services.
You configure Web Services Stack as an integrated component of Software AG Runtime. When Software AG Runtime is started, Web Services Stack uses the runtime configuration shown in the following table.
Files to Configure
Location in Software AG_directory /profiles/CTP/workspace/wsstack/repository
The module.xml and services.xml files are stored in the META-INF subdirectory within the module archive and the service archive, respectively, in Software AG_directory /profiles/CTP/workspace/wsstack/repository.