Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | webMethods Metering | Using the webMethods Metering Server on Premise | Installing the webMethods Metering Server on Premise
Installing the webMethods Metering Server on Premise
*To install the webMethods Metering Server on premise
1. In Software AG Installer, select the following component:
webMethods Metering
Metering Server
After the installation is complete, you can access the webMethods Metering Server user interface by typing http://localhost:8083/metering in a web browser.
If port 8083 is already in use during the installation of the webMethods Metering Server, you can check the CTP port number in the<port number>.properties file in the Software AG_directory /profiles/CTP/configuration/com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader directory and replace it in the metering.server.url property.
2. For each Software AG product installation that uses webMethods Metering, do the following:
a. Go to the Software AG_directory /common/metering/conf directory and edit the metering.server.url property in the file to point to the on-premise metering host:
b. Go to http://<on premise metering host>:8083/metering/admin and log in as an administrator.
You can create additional users and assign each user a Metering-Admin or a Metering-Viewer role in the roles.txt file in the Software AG_directory /common/conf directory. The metering admin can monitor data and add product licenses in the user interface, whereas the metering viewer can only monitor data. For more details on creating users, see Creating or Editing Internal User Repository Files.
c. Go to Configuration > Licenses > Add license and in the Add license form fill in the data from the license file you specified when installing the product, except for the Quantity field.
d. In the Quantity field of the Add license form, specify the total number of webMethods transactions for your contract. For example, if your contract includes 10 times 10K webMethods transactions per month, type 100000 in the Quantity field. Do not specify the value from the PriceQuantity element in your license file.