Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Collecting Diagnostic Information About Software AG Products | Exporting the Log Configuration to a File
Exporting the Log Configuration to a File
For convenience, you can export the log configuration that you want to edit for a product profile to a JSON configuration file. You can then apply the exported configuration to the same installation or to another target installation that has the same profiles when you run the Diagnostic Tool from the command line.
The configuration works only for the specified "installDir" parameter in the configuration file. In addition, the file does not contain instructions for deleting a logger. You must manually add these instructions.
*To export the log configuration for a profile to a file
1. Start the Diagnostic Tool, as described in Starting the Web User Interface of the Diagnostic Tool.
2. On the home page, in the Installation directory field, specify the Software AG installation directory in which you want to edit log configuration files.
3. Click Set up logging.
4. Select a profile.
The Diagnostic Tool lists the available loggers for the profile.
5. To change the logging level for a logger, click Edit and select one of the following levels:
6. Click Export configuration.
The Diagnostic Tool generates a file named diagnostic-logging.json that you can rename and save to your file system.