Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | webMethods Metering | Using the webMethods Metering Server on Premise | Exporting Product Usage Data
Exporting Product Usage Data
If you use the webMethods Metering Server on premise, you must export the locally aggregated product usage data and send it to Software AG for billing purposes.
*To export product usage data
1. Go to http://localhost:8083/metering/admin and log in as an administrator.
2. In the Usage report page, do the following:
a. Under Date Range, select the first day of the previous and the first day of the current month, and select Apply.
This selection of dates generates a report for the previous month.
b. Select any customer for whom usage data appears.
c. Select Export data and save the generated .json file.
The generated file contains the locally aggregated measurement data for all customers and tenants.
3. Send the usage report file to Software AG at