Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Collecting Diagnostic Information About Software AG Products | Collecting Diagnostic Information
Collecting Diagnostic Information
The Software AG installation for which you want to collect information must be on the same machine as the Diagnostic Tool.
*To collect diagnostic information
1. Start the Diagnostic Tool, as described in Starting the Web User Interface of the Diagnostic Tool.
2. On the home page, in the Installation directory field, specify the Software AG installation directory for which you want to collect information.
3. Click Collect files.
4. Go to any of the following panels to collect information:
*profile_name Information - Collect information about the product profile, including configuration files, log files, and p2 profile metadata.
*Other Information - Collect information about files from the \install and common\runtime\bundles directories.
*SUM Information - Collect information about Software AG Update Manager log files and fix levels.
You must specify a Software AG Update Manager directory in the SUM Directory field.
5. Only if specifically asked by Software AG, clear the checkbox Run installation validator to disable the verification of the integrity of the Software AG Common Platform and the OSGI profiles of Software AG products.
6. Click Collect.
The Diagnostic Tool packages all selected files in a .zip file and saves the file in your current working directory.