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Specifying the Connection Factory Name
You can specify a name for the connection factory that the web service will use. This can be done by modifying the services.xml file or by using the Web Services Stack plug-in to Software AG Designer. The parameters that define the connection factory name are optional. If they are not specified, the service uses the default connection factory (named "default" in the configuration of the JMS transport receiver in the axis2.xml file) and listens for messages on a JMS queue by the same name as the name of the service.
You can specify the connection factory name through the services.xml file by adding the <parameter name> elements. The connection factory can be any of those defined in axis2.xml and the destination name can be anything. transport.jms.ConnectionFactory and myQueueConnectionFactory are sample parameter values.
<service ...>
<parameter name="transport.jms.ConnectionFactory" locked="true">
<parameter name="transport.jms.Destination" locked="true">
1. In the Project Explorer view, select the web service archive that will use the connection factory.
2. Click the Services tab.
3. Specify the connection factory. In the Properties section, click Add. Type transport.jms.ConnectionFactory in the Name field, and type myQueueConnectionFactory (or another connection factory defined in axis2.xml) in the Value field. Then click OK.
4. In the Properties section, click Add. Type transport.jms.Destination in the Name field, and type dynamicQueues/TestQueue (or other value of your choice) in the Value field. Then Click OK.
The connection factory name is now set and visible in the Services.xml tab.