Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Running Web Applications | Using Path Tokens
Using Path Tokens
Software AG Runtime supports the usage of path tokens in the properties files under the Software AG_directory \profiles\CTP\configuration\com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader directory and in the JAAS configuration file located at Software AG_directory \profiles\CTP\configuration\jaas.config.At runtime the path tokens are detected and replaced with the respective absolute location. These replacements take place in memory only and the files on disk will always contain values with path tokens.
The following table shows the standard path tokens that are supported.
Resolves to
Software AG_directory /profiles/profile/
osgi.instance. area
Software AG_directory /profiles/profile/workspace/
osgi.configur ation.area
Software AG_directory /profiles/profile/configuration/
Software AG_directory
To specify that a path token must be resolved to a regular path, add a @path: prefix to the token name. If the path token must be resolved to an URL, add a @url: prefix instead.
The following examples are valid for the jaas.config file:
For a property that contains the Software AG installation directory (C:/SoftwareAG) as an absolute path (for example, someProperty=C\:/SoftwareAG/common/conf/someFile.conf), the property value can be modified by replacing C\:/SoftwareAG with @path:sag.install.area. After the change, the property will look like this: someProperty=@path:sag.install.area/common/conf/someFile.conf.
If the property contains an URL instead of an absolute path (for example, someProperty=file\:\C\:/SoftwareAG/common/conf/someFile.conf), the property value can be modified replacing file\:C\:/SoftwareAG with @url:sag.install.area. After the change, the property will look like this: someProperty=@url:sag.install.area/common/conf/someFile.conf
When working in a .properties file you should use the \ symbol to escape symbols that may potentially break the configuration, such as, :.