Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | webMethods Metering | Troubleshooting the webMethods Metering Agent | Using the webMethods Metering Agent Diagnostic Tool
Using the webMethods Metering Agent Diagnostic Tool
The webMethods Metering Agent diagnostic tool generates files that help Software AG Global Support to identify potential problems when working with webMethods Metering. Do not run this tool unless requested by Software AG.
You must backup any previously generated diagnosticTool.log files, because they are overwritten when you run the diagnostic tool.
*To start the metering diagnostic tool
1. Open a command prompt in the Software AG_directory \common\metering\lib directory.
2. Type the following command:
java -jar metering-agent.jar licenseKeyPath=<absolute\path\to\productLicense> > diagnosticTool.log 2>&1
The date_time_diagnostic.txt and diagnosticTool.log files are generated in the Software AG_directory \common\metering\lib directory.