Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Working with Web Services | Configuring Web Service Security | Configuring Client Authentication | Implementing Password Callback Handlers
Implementing Password Callback Handlers
User-implemented password callback handlers are used to:
*Retrieve passwords to be placed inside a UsernameToken that corresponds to a given user name.
*Retrieve passwords to access user private keys from a keystore. The keystore password itself is directly set in the Rampart configuration.
*Verify the password in the received UsernameToken.
The callback handlers can retrieve passwords from configuration files, databases, LDAP servers, or other application components that are used for user management, such as Security Infrastructure.
Web Services Stack has a predefined set of password callback handlers that facilitate different scenarios for retrieving passwords. You can use these handlers directly or you can develop your own password callback handlers from them. You can use the password callback handlers below.