Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Configuring the Java Service Wrapper | Editing Java Service Wrapper Properties
Editing Java Service Wrapper Properties
Each Software AG runtime product that runs on the Software AG Common Platform has two configuration files for the Java Service Wrapper.
*The wrapper.conf file contains the Java Service Wrapper property settings that are installed with the product. Never edit the contents of this file unless instructed to do so by Software AG.
*The custom_wrapper.conf file contains properties that override and modify the settings in the wrapper.conf file. If you want to edit property settings for a product’s Java Service Wrapper, this is the file in which to do so.
Software AG products have different policies regarding the Java Service Wrapper properties you can configure. See the administrator’s guide for your product before changing any Java Service Wrapper property settings.
*To edit wrapper properties
1. Go to the Software AG_directory /profiles/profile_name directory for your product and open the wrapper.conf and custom_wrapper.conf files in a text editor.
2. Go to the Java Service Wrapper product documentation on the Tanuki Software, Ltd. website for detailed information about each property. Then go to the product documentation for any product-specific instructions.
3. If the property you want to edit already exists in the custom_wrapper.conf file, edit it in that file. If the property does not yet exist in the custom_wrapper.conf file, copy the property from the wrapper.conf file and then edit it in the custom_wrapper.conf file. If you are working with a sequenced attribute property, you must match the sequence of properties in the custom_wrapper.conf file to the sequence of properties in the wrapper.conf file.
Never edit the contents of the wrapper.conf file.
4. Save the custom_wrapper.conf file. Exit the wrapper.conf file without making any changes.
5. Restart the product.