Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Collecting Diagnostic Information About Software AG Products | Running the Diagnostic Tool from the Command Line
Running the Diagnostic Tool from the Command Line
The JSON Configuration File
To start the Diagnostic Tool from the command line, open a command prompt in Software AG_directory \common\lib\diagnostic-tool and type the following command:
java -jar diagnostic-collector.jar -default | configuration_file
*-default starts the tool with a default configuration that collects information about the Software AG directory in which the tool is installed. The Diagnostic Tool packages all collected files in a .zip file and saves the file in the Software AG_directory \common\lib\diagnostic-tool directory.
*configuration_file is the path to a custom JSON configuration file that you create manually. The JSON configuration file describes the files that will be collected by the tool and any changes to the logging configuration. For information about the structure of the file, see The JSON Configuration File.
The Software AG installation for which you want to collect information must be on the same machine as the Diagnostic Tool.