Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Setting Up Security | Turning On Logging
Turning On Logging
Security Infrastructure uses the Log4j 2 package for logging data. To turn on logging, include these properties in the properties list of the first login module of the stack in the login context in the JAAS configuration file:
The resulting file contains the entire debug information generated during the login process, role management, and user repository management.
You can configure Security Infrastructure login modules to log information into an external file on the file system. Make sure the directory is not write-protected for the user who executes the JVM. On UNIX-based operating systems, Software AG recommends using the /tmp directory.
Software AG recommends that you turn off the logging after you collect sufficient information about the issues. If you do not change these logging settings, the system keeps logging information to the log file, which leads to greater file size and reduced overall performance. Alternatively, instead of configuring external logging on Security Infrastructure, you can also check the system logging.