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Monitoring SOAP Messages
Enabling the SOAP Monitor in the Web Services Stack
Web Services Stack comes with a SOAP monitor you can use to monitor SOAP messages that are exchanged between web service clients and web services running in Web Services Stack.
The SOAP monitor shows SOAP messages with the structure they have after they have passed all system phases in the Axis 2 engine. This means that the original SOAP messages sent by a user can be visually different but are semantically equal to the ones shown into the SOAP monitor. Examples of such a case are MTOM SOAP messages. SOAP monitor shows the binary data exchanged “by value” (included into the SOAP message itself). On the other hand, the original SOAP message has MIME parts in it.
For example, open TCPMon and extract the data of the exchanged message in binary format. For ease of use, only the part of the message related to the MTOM-ized binary data is shown:
xmlns:xop="" /></ns1:binaryData>…--
text/plainContent-Transfer-Encoding: binaryContent-ID:
The binary data displayed by the SOAP monitor in the example above is shown below. The binary data is shown “by value," because it was already processed by the system phases of the Axis 2 engine.
For more information on the SOAP monitor configuration, see the Apache documentation.
The SOAP monitor is disabled by default.