Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Setting Up Security | Predefined Login Modules | JMXDelegatedAuthLoginModule
Use JMXDelegatedAuthLoginModule to validate the delegation ticket issued from SAMLAssertIssuerLoginModule or directly from the SSO service. You can use it for both SAML 1.1 and SAML 2 assertion validation. The purpose of this login module is to support the JMX delegation mechanism. The login module gets a delegation ticket from the password field of the supplied credentials.
The following sample outlines JMXDelegatedAuthLoginModule and the corresponding configuration included in a login context of a JAAS configuration file. The following login context is in the default jaas.config file that comes with Software AG Runtime.
* Login context, used in Common Platform for management channel.
PlatformManagement {
// SSOS login module for SAML signed assertion validation
// used for delegated authentication only for JMX sufficient;
// Internal repository login module (java based) required