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Software AG Runtime Audit Logging
Configuring the Audit Log
Enabling and Disabling the Audit Log
Software AG Runtime Audit Types
Software AG Runtime provides audit logging based on the Apache Log4J 2.13.3 technology. Software AG Runtime writes audit information to the sag-audit.log file located in the Software AG_directory \profiles\CTP\logs\audit directory.
For each event, the Software AG Runtime audit log records the following information:
*Time stamp of the event
*Success/failure - the result of the audited action
*Correlation ID - a unique generated ID that is passed among contexts and runtimes to ensure that a user action can be audited across distributed systems
*Audit type - the name of the audit type
*ID - the user ID and IP address of the host that issues the request
*Action - the operation that is audited
*Component - the name of the audited component for the event
*User permissions - the type of user permissions
*Local endpoint
*Additional details about the event
If audit logging cannot start, for example if the audit log configuration is not valid, Software AG Runtime does not start either.