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Configuring Environment Entries
Define environment entries using a dynamic configuration subsystem, typically property files whose names start with (for example, Store the configuration files in the Software AG_directory \profiles\CTP\configuration\com.softwareag.platform.config.propsloader directory.
The following table describes the properties that you can use in the environment entry configuration.
Optional. Name of the web context of the application into which to inject the resource configuration (for example, petstore). If the property is missing, the resource configuration will be injected into all web applications.
Optional. Indicates whether to have the JNDI injector process the resource configuration. Valid values are true (default) and false.
Required. Name under which to bind the resource in the java:/comp/env namespace of the web application. The value is relative. For example, jdbc/JPetStoreDB means the absolute name of the resource will be java:/comp/env/jdbc/JPetStoreDB.
Required. Fully qualified name of the environment entry class (for example, java.lang.String).
Required. Value to return when this environment entry is looked up through JNDI by its name or injected as a @Resource.
Optional. Indicates whether an environment entry in the web.xml can override the same environment entry defined in a more global configuration (for example, the context.xml or server.xml file). Valid values are true (default) and false.
Below is a sample environment entry configuration.