Software AG Infrasructure 10.7 | Concepts | Software AG Runtime
Software AG Runtime
Software AG Runtime is a runnable instance of the Common Platform environment. Software AG Runtime hosts and runs web applications. Software AG Runtime includes the following key components:
*Software AG Web Server based on Apache Tomcat.
*Authentication infrastructure named Software AG Security Infrastructure.
*Toolkit for creating, configuring, deploying, and managing web services named Software AG Web Services Stack.
*Event infrastructure named Software AG Digital Event Services. Software AG Digital Event Services enables Software AG products to communicate by exchanging digital events, which are typed and serialized data structures that convey or record information about the execution of a runtime. This information can be application information, such as the state of a business process step and associated business data, or system information, such as the amount of memory and number of threads an application is using.
*Spring Framework.
webMethods EntireX, webMethods Application Platform, and CentraSite use Software AG Runtime. BigMemory client libraries are integrated with Software AG Runtime and are therefore available to these products. Other Software AG products such as Command Central and Integration Server have their own instances of parts of Software AG Runtime in product-specific profiles.
You can use the OSGi technology supported by the Common Platform to construct your own applications from reusable components, and then run them within Software AG Runtime.
The image shows the Software AG Runtime architecture