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Software AG Web Services Stack
Considerations When Installing Web Services Stack on Windows
Software AG Web Services Stack is a toolkit for creating, configuring, deploying, and managing web services. It handles the complex process of processing request and response messages between web services within Software AG products.
You can specify individual configuration settings for your web services. This enables you to modify their behavior at runtime and facilitate the correct invocation of the functionality they expose. You can configure the web services by providing advanced design settings, such as web services addressing, security, and transactional behavior (for example, the service should only be executed on HTTPS with encryption, and the client can only execute the service between 2 and 5 p.m. on Thursdays).
You can deploy your web services on the default Web Services Stack servlet container and run them locally or you can deploy them on a fully functional application server and consume the functionality using a variety of Web service clients.
Web Services Stack supports these web services standards:
*HTTP and SMTP for basic network transport services
*XML (Extensible Markup Language) as data format
*UDDI for web service registries
*WSDL for service descriptions
*SOAP for XML messaging and RPC
*SOAP with Attachments (SwA)
*WS-Policy and WS-Policy Attachment Specifications
*WS-RM Policy
*WS-Security Policy
*XML Schema
*XML Core (XML Language, DTD, DOM, XML Name Space)