CentraSite Java API Reference 10.2

This documentation includes the following sets of Javadoc:


Application Framework -
        A persistence and validation framework that extends the CentraSite API for JAXR via annotations





csappf-common - All interfaces provided by the Application Framework.






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CentraSite Control -
        APIs for writing plug-ins and extending CentraSite Control





ControlBE - CentraSite user interface back-end APIs. These include the object model and access methods for the registry/repository.





CentraSiteControl - Deprecated. CentraSite user interface APIs for plug-ins.





PluggableUI - The base architecture for implementing plug-ins additions to CentraSite Control.






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Individual APIs -
        A collection of APIs for accessing specific CentraSite features





centrasiteVMS - API for versioning CentraSite registry assets.





importExport - API for importing from and exporting to an archive file.





lcmAPI - API for programming CentraSite lifecycle management infrastructure.





metamodelAPIclient - API for writing extensions for the CentraSite API for JAXR.





policyAPI - API for writing CentraSite design time and change time policies.





resourceAccess-API - API for managing users, roles, groups, and permissions.





uddiv3ClientAPI - API for writing CentraSite interfaces for UDDI version 3.





CentraSite Extensions for XQJ - Deprecated. CentraSite-specific extensions to the XQJ API.






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CentraSite Business UI -
        APIs for writing plug-ins and extending CentraSite Business UI





CentraSiteLogicLayer - CentraSite Logic Layer (CLL) APIs specific for the CentraSite Business user interface (BUI). These include the user interface APIs for implementing the plug-in additions to CentraSite BUI.






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