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Specify the Installation Directory
For Installation directory, specify the installation directory in which to install your Software AG products.
If you want to use a symlink for the installation directory, you must use the symlink every time you install into the directory. For example, you cannot install some products using a directory name and then later create a symlink and use it to install more products into the same directory, or vice versa.
When you install using any method, the installer auto-detects a host name or IP address for the machine on which you are running the installer. You might need to change that value, as follows:
*If the machine has multiple host names or IP addresses, the value detected by the installer might not be the one you want to use. For example, the installer might have detected an IP address that is only accessible from inside your organization’s network. If you want the products to be accessible from outside your organization, replace the auto-detected value with an externally accessible host name or IP address.
*If you are installing in the cloud, the installer detects the internal IP address of the cloud instance. If you want your products to be accessible from outside the cloud instance (for example, from another cloud instance running other products), replace the auto-detected value with an externally accessible host name or IP address.
If you are creating a script, the installer stores the auto-detected or changed value in the script. When you install from the script, the installer will use the stored value.
Some third-party applications used by Software AG runtime products have limitations regarding spaces in the installation directory. Software AG therefore recommends installing in a directory that does not include spaces. However, if you are installing on a Windows system, you can install some Software AG design-time products in a directory under Program Files; the installer indicates which products.
If you are installing on a Windows system, for Start Menu group name, specify the name to use for the Start menu group for the products you are installing.
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