Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Using the Software AG Installer : Using the GUI to Install : Use Installation Scripts : Create a Script
Create a Script
1. Click Create script and click For product installation.
2. Indicate whether to install products on the local machine during script creation.
3. In the Script file field, type the name of the file in which to save the new script. You can specify any file name that is permitted by your operating system.
By default, the installer will write the new script file to the directory it indicates when you click OK. If you want to write the file to a different directory, include the full path to the file in the Script file field. The directory to which you save the file must already exist.
4. If you want to create the script of yourself installing from an image rather than from Empower, click the Images tab, click Install from image, and type the name of the image in the Image file field.
5. Click OK, go to Use a Proxy Server to Install, and follow the rest of the instructions in this chapter.
If you are creating a script that will install products into an existing Software AG product installation directory, Software AG strongly recommends that you select the installation directory using the Browse button. If you type the installation directory name into the field instead, and you do not exactly match the upper and lower casing for the directory name, your installation might become corrupted and possibly unrecoverable.
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