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Review and Install
Review the list of products and items you have selected for installation. If the list is not correct, click Back until you reach the product tree and correct your selections. If the list is correct, click Next.
If you are going to install new products into an existing product installation directory (that contain products from the same release), the sections in this chapter about starting the installer instructed you to shut down running products installed in that directory. On Windows, if any products are still running, the installer lists those products. The PID column in the list shows the process ID as you would see it in Task Manager. The Product column lists the product name as it is shown in the installer product tree. Shut down running products using the instructions in the product documentation.
If you proceed with the installer while products are still running, the installer might hang in the file copy stage because files it needs are locked, or your installation could be corrupted. Do not use Task Manager to shut down processes or your installation could be corrupted.
The installer installs the products and related items, and then displays the installation complete panel. Click Close.
If you stop the installer or the installer exits during the product configuration stage, any product that has not yet been configured will appear with the words (Configuration Incomplete) in the product selection tree in both the installer and the uninstaller. You must uninstall and reinstall such products.
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