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Upgrades Not Covered in This Guide
The upgrades listed below are not covered in this guide. Instead, see the indicated information source.
From a release prior to 9.5
See Supported Upgrade Paths
Apama releases prior to 9.9
See the Apama release notes for the pre-9.9 release
See ApplinX documentation
webMethods Broker to Universal Messaging
See Migrating from webMethods Broker to webMethods Universal Messaging
Command Central
See Software AG Command Central Help
Content Service Platform
Contact Software AG Global Consulting Services
See ARIS PPM documentation Migration 9.x and 10.0 to 10.1
Mobile Administrator on a virtual machine (this guide explains how to upgrade Mobile Administrator on a physical machine)
Uninstall Mobile Administrator from the virtual machine (see the installation guide for the old release) and install the new Mobile Administrator (see Installing Software AG Products for the new release)
Presto (now MashZone NextGen) releases prior to 3.6
Contact Software AG Global Consulting Services
Terracotta when not used with webMethods products
See Terracotta BigMemory Max documentation
From Terracotta BigMemory Max to Terracotta DB
Terracotta DB 10.1 is significantly different from Terracotta BigMemory Max 4.x and 3.7.6 in terms of handling of cluster topology, data storage formats, and other functionality. You cannot migrate data and configuration for a Terracotta BigMemory Max server to a Terracotta DB server. If you install Terracotta DB on the same machines that host Terracotta BigMemory Max, however, you can find the host names, addresses, and so on that you used for the Terracotta BigMemory Max installation in the server configuration files.
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