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Upgrades Covered in This Guide
This guide explains how to upgrade Apama, webMethods, Terracotta when used with webMethods products, and Universal Messaging from 9.5 and later to release 10.1 using a side-by-side procedure.
You can also use the procedures in this guide to migrate data from one 10.1 installation to another 10.1 installation (for example, for a data center move).
You can use Command Central to upgrade some products and migrate their configurations, data, and assets on some upgrade paths (see Software AG Command Central Feature Support Matrix). Command Central supports these migration scenarios:
*Same installation directory, hosts, and ports; live databases. This approach is similar to over-installation; Command Central renames the old installation directory before migrating and then uses the old directory name for the new installation.
*New installation directory, same hosts and ports, live or cloned databases.
*New installation directory and ports, same hosts, cloned databases.
*New hosts, live or cloned databases.
You can use Command Central to perform upgrades and migrations step by step, or in a fully automated way using composite templates. For complete information about using Command Central, see Software AG Command Central Help.
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