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Proxy Parameters
If your company connects to the Internet through an HTTP or Socks proxy server, you must use that proxy server to install.
You will be able to identify a proxy after you start Update Manager, but if you want to identify a proxy on the startup command, the parameters are as follows:
[-proxyHost host -proxyPort port -proxyProtocol {HTTP|SOCKS}
[-proxyUsername name] [-proxyPassword password]] [-useSSL true]
Update Manager stores the parameter values so you do not have to specify them next time you run Update Manager. If you later want to stop using the proxy, go to the Software AG directory/UpdateManager/conf directory and delete the proxy.cnf file.
The proxy password is encrypted, but the encryption is not the strongest possible encryption.
Do not try to change proxy parameter values by editing the proxy.cnf file. You can only change the values by specifying them after you start Update Manager or on the startup command.
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