Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Using the Software AG Update Manager : Critical Requirements and Recommendations
Critical Requirements and Recommendations
*To avoid file or product conflicts, do not run Update Manager and Software AG Installer at the same time.
*Do not modify or remove files that have been installed or created by Update Manager or Software AG Installer unless specifically instructed to do so by Software AG.
*Do not modify or remove files from the Update Manager installation directory or the Software AG_directory\install directory; these directories contain important metadata that is used by Update Manager and the installer.
*Before applying a fix to a product, back up the Update Manager installation directory and the product directory.
*Back up the Update Manager installation directory regularly, in synchronization with your regular backups of your Software AG products. These backups ensure that Software AG can restore the products as well as the Update Manager metadata to a known point of time.
*Read the readmes for all fixes you want to install before installing the fixes. The readmes describe the issues that have been fixed and provide cautions and warnings. Some readmes also provide steps you must perform before or after you install the fixes. The fix installation chapter explains how to access readmes.
*If you are going to create an installation image, make sure the machine on which you are going to run the installer has at least twice the size of the installation image in free disk space in the file system that will contain the image file. For example, if you are going to create the 1GB image in C:\MyDirectory, file system C:\ must have at least 2GB free disk space available. This is because the installer downloads the products to a directory with the same name as the image (for example, C:\MyDirectory\MyImage) before adding the products to the image, so if you lose your connection to Empower, you can resume where you left off. To predict the image size, see the numbers for Free Space Required (for the image) and Free Space Available (in the file system) in the product selection tree after you select the products to include in the image.
*Verify fixes in a development or test environment of Software AG products before promoting the fixes to production environments. Then create a fix image and install fixes from that image into production environments for the reasons cited in Fix Installation.
*If you encounter problems after installing a fix, contact Software AG Global Support.
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