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*Software AG strongly recommends that you create installation images of your products and store them on your internal network. Create an image for each operating system on which you plan to install that is covered by your license agreement. Storing images enables you to ensure consistency across installations over time; the installer provides only the latest product releases, while installation images contain the product releases you download into them. In addition, installing from images helps you reduce WAN traffic and improve installation speeds. For instructions on creating an installation image, see Using the Software AG Installer.
*When you need multiples of the same release of a product on one machine, Software AG recommends that you create multiple instances of the product in the same installation rather than creating multiple installations of the same product on the machine. Most products now offer this functionality. The valid use cases for creating multiple installations on the same machine are when those installations are from different releases (for example, side-by-side upgrade), different environments (for example, production environment on fix level 1 and staging environment on fix level 2), or different projects (for example, installations used by different departments within an organization).
If you are using a virtualization layer such as VMWare, the above use cases are typically handled using different VM instances on a single powerful VM server, with a single installation on each VM instance.
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