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Run the Command Line Tool
The command line tool is located in the Software AG_directory/common/bin directory. Log on to your system as the root user and call it from any current working directory.
The table below lists the most commonly used command line options, which are the same for every supported UNIX platform. The rc-script names and locations are listed in Product Daemons and rc-scripts.
Command with Option
Register daemon with default init-script name -f absolute_path_to_rc-script
Register daemon and specify instance name -f absolute_path_to_rc-script -n instance_name
List all registered daemons that have prefix sag -L
Unregister daemon -r -f absolute_path_to_rc-script
Remove daemon registrations for which rc-script no longer exists (clean up) -C
Print information about implementation and other command line options -h
The execution of uses specific run-levels and methods for registering UNIX daemons that have been tested by Software AG. Some systems may offer valid alternative ways for the daemon registration that are not documented here.
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