Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Installing Software AG Products : Register Daemons to Automatically Start and Shut Down Products on UNIX Systems : Overview
You can register daemons for Software AG products on UNIX systems to make those products start and stop automatically at system start and shutdown time. For many products, you can register daemons at installation time, as described earlier in this guide. After installation, you can use the command line tool to register daemons for more Software AG products. You can also use the tool to unregister daemons for Software AG product.
The script generates an init-script for each daemon. The naming convention for the init-script is sag[number]instance_name , where sag is a fixed prefix string, and instance_name is a unique identifier for the daemon instance. If you accidentally specify a non-unique instance_name during daemon registration, the script automatically adds number to make the init-script name unique. The table below shows the locations of the generated init-scripts.
SLES 11, RHEL 6, Solaris
Each product daemon has an rc-script that has these features:
*It is owned and called by the installation user (that is, the non-root UNIX user that ran the installer).
*It accepts the arguments 'start' and 'stop' to start and stop the corresponding product.
At system start and shutdown time, the init-script changes the current user ID from the root user to the user that owns the rc-script and then calls the rc-script with the start or stop option, as appropriate. The rc-script names and locations are listed in Product Daemons and rc-scripts.
Products not listed in this appendix have no daemons to register or have their own method for registering daemons that is covered in product documentation.
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