Complete Installation and Upgrade Information for Software AG Products : Using the Software AG Installer : Concepts : Logging
By default, the Software AG Installer writes errors that occur during installation to a file named installLog.txt in the Software AG_directory /install/logs directory. If errors occur during uninstallation, the Software AG Uninstaller writes them to a file named uninstallLog.txt and stores the file in the same directory. You can increase or decrease the amount of information that is written, specify a different file name and directory, and choose to write to standard out and standard error in addition to the log file.
The Software AG Installer writes product, version, and build information to an audit history log file named history.txt in the Software AG_directory /install/history directory.
The Software AG Installer writes provisioning operations information to a log file named sag-osgi.log in the Software AG_directory /install/profile/logs directory.
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