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JDK Support
On Windows systems, the exe file you use to start the Software AG Installer includes a JRE used to run the installer. The same is true for Mac OS X systems and the dmg file. On all other UNIX operating systems, you must install a JRE to run the installer yourself, as instructed later in this guide.
In all cases, the Software AG Installer installs a separate JDK for the products in the Software AG_directory /jvm directory and configures the products and the Software AG Uninstaller to use it.
For information on supported JDKs, see the product system requirements on the Software AG Documentation Website.
Do not apply maintenance updates from the vendor of the installed JDK. If an update to the installed JDK is required, Software AG will provide the update in the form of a fix.
JDKs installed by the Software AG Installer contain Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Limited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. If you want your products to be able to run in FIPS mode, or use algorithms such as 256-bit AES, however, your JVM must use JCE Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files. Download those files from the appropriate Web site to the jre/lib/security directory that you use to run Integration Server and install the files using the instructions in the vendor documentation.
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