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Migrate Terracotta
This section explains how to migrate Terracotta clients and servers that are deployed in support of webMethods products. For all other setups, see the Terracotta BigMemory Max documentation.
Follow the instructions in Using Terracotta with webMethods Products to install the 4.1.4 or later license key and tc-config.xml file.
You must upgrade all Terracotta clients and servers in the cluster to the new release before restarting the cluster.
If you have a single server:
1. Shut down your old Terracotta Server Array.
2. Start the new Terracotta Server Array.
If you have a mirror group consisting of an active server and a mirror server:
1. Shut down the old mirror server.
2. Shut down the old active server.
3. Start the new active server.
4. Start the new mirror server.
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